To the Editor of the New-Press:

You ran a  USA Today editorial (“Facebook doesn’t have to run political lies”, 10/31/19) in which you called on Facebook to “fact-check” paid political ads before running them.
The editorial completely mis-characterizes the proper role of the providers of social media. They provide the platforms, nothing else. If the advice from your editorial were actually followed, we’d wind up getting censored by Mark Zuckerberg (and by whomever he’s afraid of).
Instead of getting Zuckerberg to impose a filter on all us, let the “marketplace of ideas” do its own cleaning of the stables, the old-fashioned way. Let the marketplace expose lies and liars for what they are, and let the marketplace do it in public, and let us see it. Then, we will really know who the liars are. After all, a well-informed electorate is the foundation stone of a strong American Republic.
The Libertarian Party is in favor of robust and transparent public discussion of public issues at all times, unencumbered by governmental regulations or by scared business types or by the politically-righteous. We Libertarians are famous for being “all elbows, no charm” in dissecting political statements. In other words, we say “Let it all hang out”.
News-Press, who are YOU afraid of? Dare we hope that you are not afraid of the truth, discovered in public? Come on in; the water is fine.
In liberty,
Larry Gillis, Cape Coral
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of Lee County