Governments need statutes not statues

Larry Gillis, Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Lee County says:
DOWN WITH STATUES. All of ’em, unless they are on private property.

Government should neither be in the business of celebrating some people (and not others), nor of celebrating some values (and not others).

More importantly, government should carry out its few lawful functions competently, minimally, and frugally. Then — having done what they were told to do — they should shut up and sit down, until we call on them again.

Larry originally objected to mob-driven revisionism — the tearing down of certain statues and not others — because he distrust mobs. (having been weaned on “Lord of the Flies”). However, he now recommends the authentic Libertarian view is otherwise. In other words, get government out of this tawdry business altogether.

Ben Bachrach, Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Lee County, recommends that governments everywhere use auctions to sell any statues and any land on which they stands to the highest bidders. That will put the statues into the hands of people who want them the most, and reduce the burden on taxpayers.

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