Larry Gillis Writes

Here is another letter to the editor of the NewsPress from the Vice Chair of the LP of Lee County


Well, the Collier County Commissioners have agreed — “with little discussion”, according to the news article —  to pony up an additional $33 million dollars for the Collier sports complex. 

In a different context a long time ago, Billy once said:  “If you get into someone deep enough, you’ve got yourself a partner”. 

That’s what is going on here. It turned out that the original estimate was too low. That should be the bidder’s problem, not the County’s. The Commissioners should have let the bidder go under, then pick up the pieces at a severe discount, and put the whole project out to bid again. But now, it is too late. When will you ever learn? 

Next time, vote  LIBERTARIAN, because we Libertarians don’t believe that government should be involved in silly projects like this, to begin with. 

For the record, I live in Lee County, and I hope that my Commissioners would never do a silly thing like this. 

(Go ahead. Make snarky remarks about the Lee Commissioners, but remember that you’re the ones who  just got snookered for an additional $33 million. Enjoy the ride) 

Larry Gillis, Libertarian (Cape Coral)