The Libertarian Party of Lee County exists to:

  • Elect candidates who support libertarian principles
  • Educate members and others on the principles of liberty
  • Engage elected officials and the public to effect political change.

We’re working hard to build a strong organization in Lee County that’s dedicated to the protection and advancement of individual liberty. We’re doing this in many ways, and would love your help! If you have ideas, skills, interests, or resources that may be helpful to this work, please get in touch with us. While this organization is primarily a political party, we frequently work with individuals and organizations of other political parties (or no party) to accomplish our goals. Basic membership is even open to anyone who shares our principles, regardless of political affiliation.

2020 Executive Committee

Chair – Rick Molek
Vice Chair – Larry Gillis
Secretary – Ben Bachrach
Treasurer – Charlene Couillard​
Member-at-Large – Lon Eckman

What Others are Saying about the LPLC

“Thanks for the opportunity to meet your members and for the excellent format and the way you moderated the meeting. I wish there were a thousand more like it and I could attend them all.”   Will B.

“Thank you for having me and working to better society; it was a very beneficial experience for me and I look forward to getting more involved.  I also really liked how it did not seem overly partisan, but genuinely concerned about bettering and creating a free society for all.  It was very friendly and totally different than what most politics comes across as.  Working with any party to solve the issues that liberty minded people focus on is what I like, working on what we agree on instead of trying to change everyone’s mind on everything over night.  I definitely look forward to next month’s meeting…”   Carl W., Cape Coral

“I haven’t had that much fun at a meeting in a long, long, time. You have a great group of people!”   M.S., Cape Coral

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