To the Editor of the New-Press:

You ran a  USA Today editorial (“Facebook doesn’t have to run political lies”, 10/31/19) in which you called on Facebook to “fact-check” paid political ads before running them.
The editorial completely mis-characterizes the proper role of the providers of social media. They provide the platforms, nothing else. If the advice from your editorial were actually followed, we’d wind up getting censored by Mark Zuckerberg (and by whomever he’s afraid of).
Instead of getting Zuckerberg to impose a filter on all us, let the “marketplace of ideas” do its own cleaning of the stables, the old-fashioned way. Let the marketplace expose lies and liars for what they are, and let the marketplace do it in public, and let us see it. Then, we will really know who the liars are. After all, a well-informed electorate is the foundation stone of a strong American Republic.
The Libertarian Party is in favor of robust and transparent public discussion of public issues at all times, unencumbered by governmental regulations or by scared business types or by the politically-righteous. We Libertarians are famous for being “all elbows, no charm” in dissecting political statements. In other words, we say “Let it all hang out”.
News-Press, who are YOU afraid of? Dare we hope that you are not afraid of the truth, discovered in public? Come on in; the water is fine.
In liberty,
Larry Gillis, Cape Coral
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of Lee County

Live Free or Die
Don’t Hurt People
Don’t Steal Their Stuff

Truly, words to live by.

Sadly, over time, many of our friends (yours and mine) have become numb to these bedrock principles and have allowed themselves to simply float through life, oblivious to their ongoing loss of freedom.

Your Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) is committed to putting these bedrock principles back into the political mainstream, to waking people up, and to encouraging them to smell the roses.

To do this, we need your money. (Well, we need YOU actually, but we’ll settle for the money).  Specifically, the LPF is running a fundraising initiative during the month of March 2019 (“Level Up”).

So, please use the hyperlink below to give us some money. It doesn’t have to be a lot, because your broad participation is just as important to us as your actual money. Think of it: with a serious level of participation, we can turn to the others and say, “Look at all these committed Libertarians, with actual cash donations. How about you?”

Anyway, here’s the link:

Thanks in advance.

(FYI, I was gonna say, “Let your guilt be your guide”, but you and I already know that approach doesn’t work with Libertarians)

In Liberty,

Larry Gillis,
Your LPF Region 12 Executive Committee Member

(March 2019)

Quarterly Meeting – April 3, 2019

The Libertarian Party of Lee County meets on the first Wednesday of every quarter until campaign season starts. The location of our April meeting will probably be at the Thrifty Garden Store at the Butterfly Estate in Fort Myers. But check back here as the date gets closer.

Signup for our our mailing list if you wish to get an email announcing our events.

Informal discussion starts at 6:00 pm, the meeting starts at 7:00 pm.  Make new friends, and bring friends with you.

Guest speakers, and the agenda will be posted on Facebook when available.

Lee Voter Freedom

The Libertarian Party of Lee County is proud to be a member of the coalition to change the way our county commissioners are elected. It is time to end the lockout of nearly 60% of Lee voters, and make the county commission a non-partisan race. Lee Voter Freedom exists to do just that.

Download a petition and find other ways to get involved at:


Libertarian Denied Seat on Constitution Revision Commission

On August 18, Governor Scott asked Florida residents to apply for a position on the Florida Constitutional Commission. On March 6, 2017, Governor Scott announced the 37 people he appointed to the commission.

To utterly no one’s surprise, Governor Rick Scott did NOT appoint Larry Gillis to the Florida Constitution Revision Commission.

Larry said: “In the old days, the signs in the store windows said ‘No Irish Need Apply’. Nowadays, here in Florida, maybe they should have “No Libertarians Need Apply”.

LPLC member, Larry Gillis, is a law professor who served two terms in the New Hampshire legislature.